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Catherine A. Mahoney
  Original Artwork 
  is MY heartbeat.    

(7 1/2" x 9 1/2")                                     oil
        "What A Way To Spend A Day!"      
 "Santa Fe Morning"       (13" x 10 1/2')       oil
       "Slobaboi I"            (25 1/2 " x 33 1/2")                oil
"Slobaboi II"                   22" x 28"                         watercolor
"Sequence Stands Below"             (12" x 36")                oil;    
   "Arizona Attraction #1"--watercolor        [Example Only--SOLD}]
Award WATERCOLOR USA and "Best of Watercolor: Painting Texture"
        (27 1/2 " x 36")                                   oil
      "Jazz Sentinels: A Spiritual Juxtaposition"
                 Colorful Brushes would like to offer our 
      commission opportunities for those with an innovative persuasion. 
                               THANK YOU for your TOUR.  Spread the  
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                                                      Catherine A. Mahoney

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 "Hermann Pastoral"                                                 watercolor
  2004 Award, First Place "Top 50", Award of Merit", Texas,   
  Watercolor Society and Winston Churchill Painting Award, 
  Missouri Watercolor Society.
"Daniel Boone View"          (8" x 10")          oil
       2004   Award  Winner   "Journeys "
Click2"A Natural Dynamic"                       (12" x 48")                         oil on canvas
Cli "A Natural Dynamic II"                   (12" x 36" )                      oil on canvas        
  "Taos Stovepipes"              (8" x 10")             oil on board

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